Car Servicing Highlights

Outside the Rouge complex is a memorial. There’s a bigger than life bronze statue of Henry Ford. Along the courtyard are etched marble photos of historical events in Ford’s history. The images are not all favorable to Ford. They tell an amazing story. Then there’s the bridge where ‘the battle of the overpass’ took place. This is the very place where the UAW was born. Workers battled with Henry Ford’s goons and won the right to fair work conditions and pay. Since then the UAW has grown too strong and fallen out of favor, but there is still a need for unions. There’s a need for bargaining strength for the small and weak against the strong and rich who hold all the advantages. That’s another story.

Motor homes pulling vehicles connected to tow bars and tow dollies should never a very good oil change, ever attempt a back up – you will damage the connection. If there’s no other way around it, unhook the towed vehicle first, and scoot it out of the way. The trickiest part of backing up a trailer is remembering to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of where you want the trailer to go. A nice method I learned from Joe and Vicki Kieva is to place one hand on the bottom of the wheel, then move your hand in the direction of where you want the trailer to end up. In the event the trailer starts to veer one side, turn the steering wheel towards the “problem” to straighten it out again. Take your time – this is not a speed event. Or, simply grab a pull-thru campsite whenever possible and forget the whole thing.

Second, get regular maintenance checks every two to four years or every thirty thousand miles. It is vital to a car’s operating system to have these checks to verify that your car is running smoothly and will continue to. At these checks, typically they will drain and flush your cooling system, change the automatic transmission fluid, replace the drive belts and hoses, and change the timing belt. While your auto shop is performing your maintenance checks they will be able to see if there are any other components to your car that may need to be fixed. This maintenance is extremely necessary to have a smooth running car and will help you maintain the value of your car if you are considering selling it at anytime.

Step 3 – If your drain plug has a removable washer, replace this washer at each oil change. After the engine oil has drained out of the pan re-install the drain plug and snuggly tighten, check for leaks at the end of the oil change.

The thing that I see that’s right with local artists is that they recognize it is important to get the city behind them. Whats wrong with them is that they all seem to think that city is New Orleans. How do dudes in wichita kansas end up sounding like Lil Wayne too?

I find that sitting up high in the motor home is a major advantage throughout both city and highway driving. This catbird seat is a great for surveying the landscape much farther ahead than any auto, alerting plenty of time to react and plan moves in advance. Sadly, towable owners receive no such sight advantage, that is unless they’re cruising in one of those lofty baby semis that scores of fifth-wheel owners now favor.

The best areas for shelter from a tornado are: a storm shelter, basement, a hallway closet, or other interior room, in the bathroom in a bathtub (sans water) with something covering you (to protective you from debris).

As you can imagine, this did not sit well with the search engines, especially Google. The next step is to modify the algorithms to identify link farms and other “un-naturally” occurring links. Yep, the issue of naturally occurring links was emphasized. You cannot have too many too quickly. You cannot use link farms. Your links have to be related to your industry. Inbound only links have a higher value than reciprocal link exchanges. More rules, regulations and policies being imposed upon the business, however, each of these rules bring about the next creativity, specifically about inbound only links.

Matco is another leading manufacturer of not just tool storage but also automotive equipment. They offer mobility for your automotive needs. They provide you with tips in maintaining your tools. They offer the latest water-resistant toolboxes. Matco offers multiple options for you, ranging from single to quad bay configuration.

Warning!* If you have never removed fuel injectors, or you do not have the proper tools to clean them, do not attempt to do it! At least not without an experience mechanic there to help guide you. This is one of those jobs that is best left to a professional if you don’t have the time and money to fix errors along the way.